Use the F-14 in DCS for "FREE" this Weekend!
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Thread: Use the F-14 in DCS for "FREE" this Weekend!

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    Use the F-14 in DCS for "FREE" this Weekend!

    I was considering a little flight in my F-18 Hornet and also checking some D/L campaigns I purchased on sale. In the D/L window I saw that I had the F-14 strange. When to DCS news and there it was...a "free" weekend with the Tomcat. I tried it and the first trap took me 2 bolters, but then Jester said "3 wire, nice landing". I think I'm hooked. "Free" weekend in deed, but not as bad as the "free" RV-8 ride I got 27 years ago. Enjoy.

    I find the F-14 to come aboard easier than the F-18. Do others have the same experience? Hoppy Holidaze folks!
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    I agree Jay,She seems much steadier and stable behind The Boat.


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    Be careful if you do guys.....

    You will be $90 fewer in your addon in DCS far. Can't wait for the F-14A and the Forrestall carrier which as part of the bundle when you buy the B model.
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    I think it's on sale atm too. More temptation. It is an amazing simulation. The texturing and modelling outside and especially in the cockpit make you feel like you're really sitting in the jet. I haven't spent a lot of time in the Tomcat yet, but have loved every minute that I have.
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    The Tomcat is a MUST HAVE in DCS! Hands down the best F-14 made for any flight sim IMHO.


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    I find many of the DCS aircraft to be fantastic beyond my ability to make use of it all. Like the A-10C, the F-18, the KA-50, etc., I'm sure (as Storm says) the DCS (Leatherneck) F-14 is the best ever in a flight simulation. And because I already have been unable to scratch the surface on the DCS aircraft I already own, I will not be acquiring the F-14 for many more months. I just want to focus on 2 or 3 (maybe 4) and learn most aspects of how they operate and the weapons they employ. My focus is F-18, A-10C, AV-8, F-5 and maybe M2KC. I already own all of those and DCS keeps making each one of them better as months go by. (I didn't even mention that there is a carrier module in the works.)

    Bottom line cup runneth over! Happy New Year to you all. (One of my New Year's resolutions is to fly multi-player in the not too distant future.)

    P.S. I forgot I have to deal with the Viper also! So many planes, so little time.
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    That's a good call and I have focused on the Tomcat once it was announced, the final push for me getting a new cpu to run DCS/P3D. I keep the other modules in, checking out new updates and forgetting how much I don't know the respective module that well as in the case of the Raz Harrier. Flew the F-18 around the boat waiting on the 14, then hardly touch it now as I like having to work the Tomcat around the boat. Running the Viper as well, but it's a 60/40 in favor of the Cat. Got to get some Huey time in so often to keep my rotary skills sharp. Recently looked over the updated A-10C pit, then remembered how I need to refresh my systems knowledge.

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    The Tomcat's flight dynamics are challenging and similar in some ways to the Aerosoft F-14X but this model is considerably more deeply coded. Just wait until the A model comes out and users not only have to handle the flight dynamics handling which are a handful but also the quirks and limitations as well as the under-powering of the TF30 engines! Just flying moderate maneuvering profiles are a tough, hard ACM maneuvering and running off/on the boat will test skill and finesse.


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