Need a little help
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Thread: Need a little help

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    Need a little help

    Hey guys how do you move up or down forward or back the view point in the 3D Cockpit? Is it in the aircraft.cfg? Thanks for your time and help
    Greg :USA-flag:

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    I think what you are asking for is called "eye" something or other (point?). For back and forward I use "control" and "enter"; "control" and "backspace". I don't recall up and down. Hope this helps.
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    Trackir or its equivalent. Can't beat it.
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    Chaseplane is also excellent for that, no need to edit cfgs anymore
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    I think you mean this in the aircraft.cfg file:
    eyepoint=  0.2, -0.7, 2
    There are also Key Commands on the kneeboard.
    Vehicle -> Kneeboard -> Keys. Then scroll down to "View Commands" and "Eyepoint" at the bottom of the section.
    I find Shift-Enter useful on approach to see over the panel.
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks guys. I'll give this a try. Sorry for the slow reply it was a busy weekend. Again thanks for the help.
    Greg :USA-flag:

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