Roland Laborie "FF-RAF-C P3D4" released
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Thread: Roland Laborie "FF-RAF-C P3D4" released

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    Roland Laborie "FF-RAF-C P3D4" released

    I just saw this at SimMarket:

    It certainly looks interesting. I've always wanted a Rafale for P3Dv4. I wonder how accurately
    this is modeled, or if this is a real plane?

    It's not Tacpacked, but the description says the missiles will launch, they just won't have any
    destructive power. Although no PBR, the modelling looks very good in the screenshots provided.

    At 25.40 Euros, about $29 US, it's within my sim budget (although I may have wait until the
    Christmas bills are paid off a bit).

    If anyone does give this a try, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.



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    Woohoo! Thanks for the heads up, I know what I'm flying tonight.

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    It looks good, more or less ported over from the FSX version with some improvements. I was lucky to have bought that version before Roland was forced to take it down over a decade ago. It was one of the finest FSX jet fighters I ever had and one I flew quite often. Another added on the list soon as I get P3Dv4 back into my system.


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    Now that's exciting news. I wonder if textures painted for the original fit this one as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobM View Post
    I just saw this at SimMarket:
    It's not Tacpacked, but the description says the missiles will launch, they just won't have any
    destructive power. Although no PBR, the modelling looks very good in the screenshots provided.
    If these two things are changed I'll part with my cash. Unlikely if not. Looks great though.

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    Read this is a review on the sales page: "No internal and external PBR textures."

    Click the larger image on the page to get a maximum size view. It looks dang good.

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    I missed out on the FSX version last time, as it was pulled before I could get to it. I had to 'make do' with the Wasp.
    Not this time.....


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    I still haven't gotten the updated version yet as I haven't added P3Dv4 back into my repaired PC (because I am waiting on parts for adding dual SSD's to run Flight Sims and other performance programs). Soon I will be adding it.

    From looking at the screen shots of the panel gauge coding, many of the original functions appear to be still intact with some upgrades/additions. For the time that the original came out, that model and coding were quite advanced & well thought out. The Fly-By-Wire & FDE simulation was one of the better flight dynamics works I had seen in FSX. The only shortcomings were the afterburner textures/effects and the engine sound. The engine sound was an easy remedy but the Afterburner fix was a pain in the arse! I managed to create a fix for it which I posted at and Avsim but it was slightly complicated to install with all the prerequisite texture & effect removals and installing what I set up. Looking at the new version, the Afterburners have been redone and thus far, they look good. For anyone buying this model, assuming the startup is the same, this video will come in very handy:


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    I emailed Roland and got a reply.

    it's a new model with a new mapping for textures.
    Your paintings of the old model are therefore not compatible with the new one.
    So we'll have to wait for new textures from the repainters for this new one. That's fine with me.

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    Just got it today. It is nice to have it back again for P3Dv4 as it was one of my favorite aircraft in FSX. That said, two things I am going to change, the sound file and the afterburners. The sound is easy but the burners are built in textures and I will see what I can do to remove them and replace with a decent particle burner set. The trick is going to be finding a gauge code in P3D that works to trigger them with the throttle Burner detent range. It was easy in FS9 & FSX. I will research it and give it a try. The move to modeled in afterburners changed things for the better, sometimes not.


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    Good news, I was able to get my old Afterburner update to work but I need to make some minor geometry changes to get it somewhat right. Not too big a deal. When I am able, I will package it to post to here and Avsim. Still haven't fiddled with the sound files yet. Hoping to do a drop-in like I did before.


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    Is this anything like the WASP he released a while ago?


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