Team Daedalus Messerschmitt Bf109G-6/R6 trop 7./JG27
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Thread: Team Daedalus Messerschmitt Bf109G-6/R6 trop 7./JG27

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    Team Daedalus Messerschmitt Bf109G-6/R6 trop 7./JG27

    Messerschmitt Bf109G-6/R6 trop
    by Design Team Daedalus

    Unit: 7./JG27 Maleme, Crete December, 1943
    Pilot: unknown

    There is no "standard" Bf 109G-6, as the production run spanned 2 years it underwent many modifications and updates along the way. Tropical versions were delivered throughout the entire production run as the G-6 trop but displayed fewer variations. For example, I have not seen any G-6 trop aircraft fitted with an Erla Haube canopy while many G-6 versions were so fitted. The most obvious feature of the G-6 trop was the sand filter fitted to the front of the supercharger air intake. All G-6 trop aircraft had two small teardrop shaped clips on the port side below the canopy sill, which were mounts for a sun umbrella. The umbrella was intended to provide shade for the cockpit while the aircraft was at readiness. Different weapons packages could be seen like the 20mm under wing gondolas such as this aircraft was equipped with. Most Most G-6 trops were delivered to the Mediterranean operations areas and some to the southern Russian/Balkans front area.

    Pstrany developed the models using Paul Rebuffat's Messerschmitt model - with permission - as a starting framework and updated the shape, and added a plethora of details, new parts, and ideas. Pstrany also developed the models for the drop tanks, weapons and racks.

    Captain Kurt created paints for each, the 2D instrument panel, the air files and the aircraft.cfg files.

    Mav SCASM edited each model so that they have animated wing slats, drop tanks, and other features, as well as optimizing models for the best possible framerates. Mav also developed the idea for the 2d panel to be offset for the Revi gunsight to match the CFS2 reticle.

    We have all benefited from the assistance and guidance of others in the community, Special thanks to Wolfi and Huub Vink for their kind assistance and to all who have contributed their knowledge directly and indirectly.
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