Beech 18S (thanks Milton) No Shadows on VC panel
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Thread: Beech 18S (thanks Milton) No Shadows on VC panel

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    Beech 18S (thanks Milton) No Shadows on VC panel

    First sorry for my poor english......
    Coming back to FSX after a PC "downgrade"...too old hardware here in Senegal.....
    With DX10 fixerI I don't have any shadow on Beech 18 (Milton Shupe version, my favorite forever) :VC panel (vc01.bmp, vc02.bmp, vc03.bmp); shadows works all around the panel?
    Thanks if there is a solution/explanation?
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    No problems with your excellent English. I have Milton's D-18 and DX10 Fixer installed. I also do not get shadows on the panel and seats in the cockpit area. This is sometimes the case with freeware add-on aircraft. I happen to also have the Carenado D-18 and it exspectedly has a full-featured cockpit, including shadows and full sun contrast. What it doesn't have is the dozens of repaints available for Milton's Beech. Enjoy both!

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    In my FSX.cfg have this setting but it's not working for D18's VC.
    This VC with 3 .bmp files is differently built?

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