OT Netlix move "Mission of Honor"
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Thread: OT Netlix move "Mission of Honor"

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    OT Netlix move "Mission of Honor"

    About RAF 303 (Polish) Squadron during BoB. Actually not a lot of fighting but interesting. Also all with tracers which means like many of us, they didn't know the RAF did not use them really in BoB.

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    Its definitely not a history lesson fully based on facts. We are perhaps not the group of people this movie was intended for. I saw a lot of distracting errors, but its nice as educational entertainment .
    And Stefanie Martini is definitely a pleasure to watch .


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    Same film was titled Hurricane, or Hurricane:303 Squadron in UK/Europe respectively if anyone wondering, the "Mission of Honor" title was for US only.

    Anyways, to get another view on same story, the Polish film "Squadron 303" (in polish language with subtitles) is another to watch. Again some inaccuracies in RAF etiquette and uniform standards, that should never have happened shall we say.



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    Stefanie Martini is the primary motivation I have for admitting to watching 'Hurricane'......
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