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Description: CV-1 USS Langley aircraft carrier / AV-3 USS Langley seaplane tender

USS Langley (CV-1/AV-3) was the United States Navy's first aircraft carrier, converted in 1920 from the collier USS Jupiter (AC-3), and also the US Navy's first turbo-electricpowered ship. Conversion of another collier was planned but canceled when the Washington Naval Treaty required the cancellation of the partially built Lexington-class battlecruisers Lexington and Saratoga, freeing up their hulls for conversion to the aircraft carriers Lexington and Saratoga. Langley was named after Samuel Pierpont Langley, an American aviation pioneer. Following another conversion to a seaplane tender, Langley fought in World War II. On 27 February 1942, she was attacked by nine twin-engine Japanese bombers of the Japanese 21st and 23rd Naval Air Flotillas and so badly damaged that she had to be scuttled by her escorts.

Ships within the package:

1 Carrier
CV-1 USS Langley

1 Seaplane tender
AV-3 USS Langley

5 Cruiser
USS C-2 Charleston
USS C-20 St.Louis
USS CL-20 Marbleheat
USS CL-23 Albany
USS Phoenix

3 Destroyers
USS DD-17 Smith
USS DD-63 Sampson
DD-186 Clemson

Special thanks: I use the carrier from maxromash, (Sketchfab), under licence Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) with different changes I did to this ships.

Mr Bing Chandler (Skippy) from flyingstations.com for his permission to use his barrier and the gauge from his very nice Victorius Early War carriers.

I used other freeware models for this too. Most aircraft models are original from CFS2 and converted to FSX. Surely all models i use are freeware. So please don`t use all the elements of this models in other way as freeware without the permission of the designers.

I hope you will enjoy these models.

Klaus Nowak (aka klnowak in Sim Outhouse)
Dezember 2019

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