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Description: This is a repaint pack for the payware Quality Wings BAe-146-200. This pack represents Neptune Aviation's fleet (circa late 2019) of 9 aircraft. T-01, 02, 03, 10, 12, 15, 16, 40, and 41 are represented in this pack. All aircraft represent their unique differences. Tail numbers, N numbers, and retardant jettison area marking differences. The British Aerospace BAe-146-200 and Avro RJ-85 platform have rapidly become the go-to "Next Generation" large air tankers. Currently, the BAe/RJ platform is in the inventory of 5 air tanker companies. Neptune Aviation, Aero-Flite, Conair, Airspray, and Minden Air. Minden Air has one converted BAe-146, but Minden is no longer active in aerial firefighting. Airspray's aircraft have just been approved and are expected to enter service in 2020. Neptune and Airspray operate the BAe-146 with internal tank designs. While Conair and Aero-Flite have partnered together for an external tank design. Externally, the British Aerospace BAe-146 and Avro RJ-85 are nearly identical. The internal and external tank designs are what easily discern the to models aside from the the livery differences. Although, Aero-Flite and Conair share the same livery, the company names on the aircraft are the only external differences between those two operators. The BAe/RJ platforms have both been used by their respected operators internationally. Aero-Flite has uses their aircraft in the USA and Australia, Conair uses their aircraft in Canada, Neptune uses their aircraft in the uSA and recently used them in South America fighting the Amazon River Basin wildfires. All configurations of the platform carry 3,000 gallons (11.300+ liters) of fire retardant or water. Repaints were constructed in P3D v4.5, but should work in earlier versions of P3D or FSX, but may need file modifications to appear properly in those sims. The file size is quite large due to using QWs HD texture mapping. FSX users will have custom thumbnails.

Repaints by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."

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