Is there a Credible Recorder?
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Thread: Is there a Credible Recorder?

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    Is there a Credible Recorder?

    Good morning all,

    I'm curious to know whether there is a credible/good recorder for recording and playing back flights as AI? Similar to what FSRecorder used to do. I'm not really a multiplayer user so the recorders a useful for me.

    I read somewhere that chase plane had this function but I haven't actually seen anything showing that function off. Also there's FS Control Replay v4 that looks promising but the reviews on simmarket vary but they do seem to get better as the years have gone by.

    I know there is JoinFS but I find that the stutters are killing me.

    Any thoughts?

    Kind Regards

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    I can personally speak for Flight Control Replay v4. It was literally the second addon I bought for P3D v4 early this year. The stock recorder is obviously garbage. It is far from as smooth to use as FSRecorder was. It needs a lot of refining still. The more complex the aircraft it is the jumpier AI playback can become. Formation flights are also nowhere near as seamless to create. All AI flights to make the formation must be manually synchronized in order for them to appear in formation. The recorder does great with slower aircraft as well. It records props and even helicopters without modification. But the faster an aircraft moves in the sim, the more unstable the AI recording becomes in a lot of instances. I believe v4.5 of the recorder is either in Beta or close to Beta, so there will be a new version I'd imagine out either at the end of the year or early next year. Hopefully with a better user interface and smoothing, much like FSRecorder had. I don't know specifically what features it will fix or add, but it's still a continuously updated program. It's far from FSRecorder, but they are at least trying to improve it.

    This is a video I did recently with it and using my Nvidia ShadowPlay as the capture program. As you can see, the jumps in the formations are bugs that have not been addressed yet.

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    I'm not 100% sure about it anymore, but I believe JoinFS was bringing such a recording feature. It worked very well, very smoothly, and it also worked with helicopters without any issues, contrary to FSRecorder.

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    Thanks guys, I think I'll give flight control replay a go, it seems to be the smoothest based on that video compared to what I'm getting with joinFS

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