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Description: This repaint pack is for Milton Shupe's FSX/P3D v4+ converted CDF (Cal Fire) S-2T (not the S-2T Firecat). This repaint pack represents the entire current fleet of S-2Ts in service with Cal Fire. 23 aircraft and another fictional repaint I included of T-100. The Marsh version is not to be confused with the Firecats found in Canada and elsewhere in the world that are powered by the infamous Pratt-Whitney PT-6 turboprops. The Marsh version is powered by the more powerful Garrett TPE331-14GR turboprop and has aerodynamic modifications that easily differentiate the two models. The S-2F3AT or S-2T for short boasts greater performance than Cal Fire's radial powered S-2As. The S-2T can carry 1,200 gallons of fire retardant over the S-2As 800 gallons. In the early 2000s Cal Fire replaced all of it's radial powered S-2As with the S-2F3ATs. California has 23 Turbo Trackers strategically stationed throughout the state to allow for most of the state to have initial attack missions flown on fires in 30 minutes or less. Infamous, "South Ops" in Southern California boasts 2 of the busiest air tanker bases in the country (if not the world) Ramona and Hemet-Ryan, where Cal Fire has S-2Ts actively stationed nearly 365 days a year.

Repaints were constructed in P3D v4.5, and should work into earlier versions of P3D and FSX, but may require file modification.

Repaints by: Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."

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