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Description: This repaint pack is for the freeware converted SGA DC-9, modified by Chris Evans to work in both FSX and P3D v4+. This repaint pack represents Erickson Aero's current (2019) fleet of MD-87 air tankers. The MD-87 has been marked as a controversial air tanker as it has been fraught with issues since it's introduction into it's new life as an air tanker. Issues with retardant ingestion, engine issues, and multiple drop system redesigns plagued the platform early on. Due to these early issues, the "Mad Dog," has been earmarked as a dangerous air tanker to fly. One other fact that makes the MD-87 stand out in the air tanker industry is the fact that the FAA has required the jets to drop with their landing gear extended to prevent aircraft instability at it's low drop speeds. Which no other aircraft does. Regardless of the jet's reputation early on, Erickson has successfully introduced the MD-87 to the industry with 7 MD-87s soon to be active. The pack represents T-101, 102 103, 104, 105, 106, and 107. Repaints were constructed in P3D v4.5, FSX compatibility is likely, but may need file modification. I am unsure, as I cannot test this.

Repaints by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."

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