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Thread: The 461st Bomb Group is open for business!

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    You're Welcome

    Thank you for reply and we look forward to you joining whenever you can.


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    But what about the AI dogfighting skills... you may ask. With latest/current
    FSCAI version, Dutch has nailed it ! Dogfighting against AIs is seriously challenging.
    Against a skill level 5 (up to 9...) AI BF-109 :

    My Military Flight Videos :

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    Really Cool FSCAI

    This is a really cool representation of FSCAI capability but the 461st Missions are coded in FSX@War teaming up with FSCAI. Dutch and Ed have been teamed up. The same but different. Thanks for sending this for all of us to enjoy.

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    325th Checkertail Clan

    I just latched onto a first edition 1969 copy of Checkertail Clan in excellent condition and have started reading it with all kinds of interest. Back above Jan Kees, rightly so critiqued my P51D Squeezie about the checkerboard squares. I just read that the P-40 had 14 inch squares; P47s reduced the size of the checkers to 12 inch squares and finally, the P51s had 10 inch squares. If you didn't know it you'd never see the difference in comparison photos of the three different aircraft's tails.

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    but the 461st Missions are coded in FSX@War teaming up with FSCAI
    My point is, that when in 461st FSX@War/FSCAI sorties - missions, situation comes to
    dogfight against an AI, it will look something like video above.
    Not "sitting duck" that is. Actually, much more than this sounds...

    AI BF-109 on flames in video photo above, didn't check his "six" (they periodically do...).
    commited chasing the AI P-40 at right of photo. Easy kill...
    My Military Flight Videos :

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    Torretto scenery

    Do you have the airfield started yet? I started making the airfield some years ago before I had P3D, but is unfinished. My cousin was a nose gunner for the 454th BG at San Giovanni. I have done research on the location and tried to replicate the exact location of runways, taxi ways and hardstands.

    San Giovanni looks good in FSX but I have not mastered it under P3D while using ADE 1.75

    Michael -

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    Torretta AAF

    Yes, Torretta has been finished and edakridge has totally acclimated it into FSX@War in the 461st BG Campaign which we will be using for all our missions on our dedicated server. I used the photos from the 461st BG Reunion site and plotted each hard stand all 100. (Took me days in ADEx and almost got carpel tunnel LOL) It works on all flight sim platforms including P3DV4+ which he uses. We have flown test flights from it at least 10 times now and are waiting now for the B24J from Flight Replicas. You can see in another post the repaints I am redoing from those done for the Virtavia B24J. We would love to have you join us. We will be flying the new Flight Replicas B24J as soon as it is available and released. Go to the website: and check it all out and then just click the JOIN US button and fill out the application.

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