AnKors Shaders Update 4 December
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    AnKors Shaders Update 4 December

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 3 Other Add-Ons - Effects

    Description: This incredible addition to CFS3 was begun by Andrey Korchinskiy in December of 2013 and was originally intended to become part of WOFF so that it could access DX9 functionality making it compatible with the SweetFX shader injector. Since then it has grown to be so much more that it's easy to forget that it still provides the bridge to using SweetFX in CFS3. This update fixes some bugs that were present in the October 2019 release.

    December 2019 Changes:
    fixed possible Win7 crash;
    water animation is smooth (as it was in 2018 version);
    Numpad0Switch=1 can be used again (if you really need it);
    dll writes a dump file if the game crashes.
    fixed incorrect shutdown bug

    October 2019 Features:
    Support for Pilot controlled landing lights
    Support for clickable cockpits
    Support for complex systems scripting
    True dynamic reflections in cockpit glass
    Dynamic Reticles Additional Ranging Controls
    Improved Rendering of Clouds
    Support for using the ALT key in key bindings
    Various performance improvements

    Additional Previously Released Features:

    External Views
    Aircraft Self Shadowing
    Anti-alias Aircraft Shadows On The Ground
    Tree and Building Shadows
    Dynamic Lighting
    Environmental Reflections
    Horizon Line Haze Blending
    Eliminated In Cloud Square Border
    Bump Mapping
    Ability To Add Shading Textures To Aircraft That Don't Reference Them In Their Model File
    Realistic Water Rendering
    Cloud and Terrain Shadows
    Adjustable Field Of View Angle
    Adjustable Night Sprite Effects Levels
    Tree Rendering with Alpha Transparency Effects

    Cockpit Views
    Support for cockpit damage effects
    Mouse View
    Mouse Scroll Zoom
    Cockpit Lighting
    Luminous Gages
    Improved TrackIR Image Rendering

    Performance Enhancements
    Multi-Processor CPU Management
    Modern Rendering Optimizations
    Cfs3config.exe No Longer Needed Everytime Video Drivers Update
    Auto Generates Mip Maps

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit AnKors Shaders Update 4 December
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Hi, I get CTD when trying to run CFS, after having installed the Shaders according to the instructions. I copy the mentioned files and the shaders folders, didn't want to add effects for the moment. I'm running 3,1 spanish version. Any help please?

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