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    Orbx Open LC

    As it's the end of year sale, I am toying with the idea of installing Open LC Europe. I have Global Base and Vector, so will Open LC Europe make a big difference? I am thinking of areas such as the Spanish Costas, near where I live and in the Malaga/Marbella region, which in real life are pretty extensively developed but in FSX are almost bare outside the big cities.

    Is Open LC worth buying when it is half price? Please don't tell me to wait for FS2020, as I cheerfully expect that to require a new computer, which is not an option.


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    I wish I could upload some screenshots of Malaga for you, but I'm away from home right now. I purchased OpenLC for Europe a while ago and am still very pleased with the improvements. A lot of the boring "semi-arid default" FSX areas of Europe look green, populated, and vibrant now. I haven't flown much around Spain, but I do recall it was equally improved. I don't think you'll be disappointed, especially at half price.

    If you'd like, I'll be home in two days and can get some comparison shots together for you.
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    Simply stated, Orbx OpenLC puts everything where it should be ....... no more fields on mountain sides etc..
    I have installed it last year (also purchased at Orbx's Christmas sale).
    It makes the entire area look more real and adds to the immersion.

    Here's a great example of Orbx OpenLC EU in action :

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    Thank you. Yes, I'd certainly like to see what Malaga - Marbella look like, and also just S of Barcelona, where on my FSX the Olympic rowing lake at Castelldefels is just a rectangular lake with no development anywhere nearby.
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    Hera ya' go! I have FSX Steam installed with Orbx Vector. All I've done between photos is activate/deactivate OpenLC Europe. I have no additional scenery or mesh installed for Spain, and all photos are taken during the FSX spring season. I hope this helps you make up your mind!


    Malaga, with OpenLC.

    Malaga, airport area.

    Malaga, airport area, with OpenLC.

    Looking west toward Marbella.

    Looking west toward Marbella, with OpenLC.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2019-12-5_10-19-53-129.jpg   2019-12-5_10-14-51-275.jpg   2019-12-5_10-13-7-809.jpg   2019-12-5_10-10-36-812.jpg   2019-12-5_10-4-19-396.jpg   2019-12-5_10-10-17-973.jpg  

    2019-12-5_10-27-48-626.jpg   2019-12-5_10-25-35-984.jpg   2019-12-5_10-20-41-743.jpg   2019-12-5_10-22-58-425.jpg   2019-12-5_10-35-8-605.jpg   2019-12-5_10-38-18-729.jpg  

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    Marbella area from 20,000 feet.

    Marbella area from 20,000 feet, with OpenLC.


    Marbella, with OpenLC.

    The Olympic pool near Barcelona.

    The Olympic pool near Barcelona, with OpenLC.
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    Thank's nagpaw. That's just what I needed to help me make up my mind. Torremolinos and Castelldefels are there!

    Thanks to all who replied,

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    Funnily enough, ive just bought Base and Vector in the current sale, and im blown away by the improvement over the stock landscape's, and next year, i'll have to buy the Open LC, and i'll be blown away a second time

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    Supplementary question

    If, as I think I have read, LC uses new tiles, does it make any difference to the existing "full fat" regions, such as England, or only to areas using default or Orbx Global?
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    It enhances only Global areas. “Full fat” regions are not affected.

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    Thank you.
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