Problem with Cryingtoto's Seafire?
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Thread: Problem with Cryingtoto's Seafire?

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    Problem with Cryingtoto's Seafire?

    I have finally gotten around to installing Cryingtoto's Seafire and taking it for a spin, but I have noticed an odd issue. When flying straight and level, 4,000FT MSL, I can;t get the prop to do any better than 2500 RPM. When I dive, the prop's RPM's go up, and when I climb, they drop. It's as if the Seafire does not have a constant speed prop.

    I had this same problem with Andrew's update to his P-51. The fix there was using a old airfile that was built by Farm Boy.

    On Takeoff, the prop pumps out 3,000 with no problem, but bringing it back to a climb pitch of 2700 RPM on 9lbs of boost is where the trouble starts.

    I have double checked the calibration on my stick, and the game is registering the prop control as full forward, but the prop still doesn't behave as expected.

    I'm running CFS2 on Win10 using a Warthog HOTAS.

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    So after further testing, this issue seems to occur when my IAS is below 120 MPH, and I have seen this with other aircraft such as the YAS Spitfires, and the BSK Spits. This really is confusing to me since the tach on these aircraft should not be tied with the aircraft's speed. Unfortunately I don't know how the air files of these planes were built, or what entries in them are causing this behavior.

    As a contrast I have not seen this behavior with the Enhanced stock or FDG2 Corsairs.

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