Mirage radar problem after the update
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Thread: Mirage radar problem after the update

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    Mirage radar problem after the update

    Don;t know how many here use the M2K and flew it after the latest update. The radar keeps losing lock and the 530 is useless. So is the radar sight for the guns. Are any having the same problem?

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    Found this thread at the ED forum:


    It seems it is realistic RDI behavior when searching at 4 bars. I'll try two or one bar to see if it works better in keeping a lock.

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    Thank You very much for posting problem/info


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    I tried in 2 bar and 1 bar mode. It is more reliable but still can lose track of the target when in TWS or even when just scanning. Targets just disappear and may or may not be re-acquired. At least the narrow angle scans and boresight seem to work nicely with Magics and the gun. The radar and the 530s though are cumbersome to use. I guess this could be partly true as the model is a late 70s-80s technology. It would be nice to have the more modern -5 model with the Mica missiles.

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    Dimus, IRL, TWS is commonly referred to as "Track While Lie" by the pilots because it is notoriously unreliable. Not just in Viper, but Eagle hornet, etc. It's an inside joke among them. The Viper should have DTT (Dual Target Track) which is supposed to be more reliable. I think the main issue that plagues many of us simmers, is that we have a an idea or expectation about how something "should" work based on experience in aviation or other experience. But I've found that a lot of my own biases have been broken due to the friendship of some great current Viper, Eagle and Growler pilots that I fly with in my group. They don't go into anything classified (obviously) but just the general terms are enough to require a complete paradigm shift of understanding. So it doesn't surprise me that the for a Study level sim, the new rendition of the RDI breaks our expectation of how radars should work. This is something that is actually very impressive about DCS. The radar modelling. They actually take into account even a rudimentary level of RCS.

    Yes, agreed about the -5. I believe that is actually in work...
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    Thanks for the insight Rick. It's always nice to hear from the real drivers. It just happens to go blind always at the worst moment, but I guess that's what Murphy talked about.

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    Although realistic behavior is something that serious simmers appreciate, this radar was constantly losing targets for no apparent reason. I have seen that adjusting the radar elevation helped in re-acquiring them but not always. It seems some of this behavior was indeed a bug as there has been a mini update for the Mirage yesterday and it included this bugfix:

    - RDI: removed most of the ghosting on targets out of cone

    I have not been able to test this yet but it seems very much like the problem I and others had with the RDI. That, combined with sensible use of the bar modes and radar elevation most probably will work fine. I'll report back when I'll be able to test it.

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