FS2004 Oil Cooler Shutter
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Thread: FS2004 Oil Cooler Shutter

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    FS2004 Oil Cooler Shutter

    Hallo Huub,
    hallo the experts,
    does any one how to make, or if it exists a switch or lever
    to command the oil cooler flaps of the WWII Fighters Messerschmitt Bf109E
    on a 2D panel?
    The "normal" cowl flaps are not a problem.
    But the oil cooler flap on this bird operates only by a virtual lever in the VC.
    I want also operate this flap via the 2D panel

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    I thought I would be able to find an .xml file which controlled this lever in the .cab file and function in the panel configuration file. But there wasn't there, so I will have to look further.

    Kind regards.

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    FS2004 Oil Cooler Shutter

    Hallo Huub,

    thank you to have a look on to this problem.
    I also searched if somewhere in the used gauged this function would be hidden.
    I also searched all over FS if this function exist - nothing.
    So I supose this function would be hidden in the mdl - but if it would be possible to extract this special function, would it be possible to "translate" it into a functional switch operational in FS2004?
    I observed that this function has an paralell function in the trop model - it closes the air intake of the sand filter.
    Perhaps it might give some indications

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