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Description: For the Captain Sim 'C-130 X-perience' "C-130 Expansion for MS FSX"

EC-130V Hercules

The EC-130V Multi-Mission Aircraft combined a C-130H airframe with the APS-125 Radar & Mission System of the US Navy Hawkeye. This aircraft was for counter-narcotics missions requiring greater endurance than the E-2 could provide, but was also evaluated for Search and Rescue, Fisheries Patrols, EEZ enforcement and as a support aircraft for NASA Space Shuttle launches. Externally the EC-130 differs from a standard Coast Guard C-130 with the fitting of a large rotodome housing the APS-125 radar. Internally the mission system is palletized and was rolled into the C-130 cargo bay to complete the conversion. The Lockheed Martin EC-130V Hercules AEW & C aircraft was first developed for the United States Coast Guard as a proof of concept aircraft by the General Dynamics company. In 1991 one USCG HC-130H7 (1721) was converted to the EC-130V AWACS air-surveillance version. The first flight was on 31 July 1991, and the aircraft was handed over to Coast Guard for 11-month test period on 16 October 1991.

The Coast Guard conducted an extensive 5 day search for F/V ATLANTIS which began on October 30, 1992, after the owner of the vessel reported her overdue. The search covered approximately 98,000 square miles and involved 2 HU-25'S from Air Station Cape Cod, 2 P-3'S from NAS Brunswick, 1 C-130 from Air Station Elizabeth City, 1 EC-130V from Air Station Clearwater, 1 Suffolk ANG C-130, and USCGC TAMAROA. All searches resulted in negative sightings. The Lockheed HC-130 is an extended-range, search and rescue (SAR) / Combat search and rescue (CSAR) version of the C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft, with two different versions operated by two separate services in the U.S. armed forces. The HC-130H Hercules and HC-130J Hercules versions are operated by the United States Coast Guard in a SAR and maritime reconnaissance role. The HC-130P Combat King and HC-130J Combat King II variants are operated by the United States Air Force for long-range SAR and CSAR. The USAF variants also execute on scene CSAR command and control, airdrop para-rescue forces and equipment, and are also capable of providing aerial refueling to appropriately equipped USAF, US Army, USN, USMC, and NATO/Allied helicopters in flight.

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