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Description: Repaint for "iris_easter_eggs_2013_fsx" "IRIS Flight Simulation Software" "Bombardier's Global 7000 and the Global 8000 were launched together at NBAA in October 2010 as derivatives of the Global 6000 program. The aircraft completed its first flight Nov. 4, 2016, marking the start of a rigorous flight-testing program. Entry-into-service of the large jet was scheduled in the second half of 2018. The Global 7000 has a four-zone cabin and will carry up to 12 passengers. It features 14 windows on each side of the fuselage - One more than the legacy Global Express and one less than the 6000. The Global 7000 also features the high swept supercritical wing with winglets and a high swept T-tail. As far as performance, the Global 7000 is powered by GE Aviation Passport engines and has a range of 7,400 nm and a top speed of 530 knots. The two GE Passport engines are side mounted at the rear of the aircraft. The Global 7000, which was priced at about $73 million is indeed large. The cabin (not including the baggage compartment) is 54 feet, seven inches long; six feet, three inches tall; and eight feet, two inches wide. Aft of the galley, the passenger area is divided into four distinct living areas. Depending on the layout, they can include a seating area, a dining or meeting area, a cinema room, and a bedroom. In April 2018, the Global 7000 and its cabin won a Red Dot in the Ships, Trains and Planes category of this yearís Red Dot Design Award, ainternational competition conducted annually since 1955 by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. As judging criteria, the 39-member jury looked at each productís levels of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomics, and durability."

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