Tips for installing FSX into W10 ?
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Thread: Tips for installing FSX into W10 ?

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    Tips for installing FSX into W10 ?

    Ive got a new tower with Win10 Home pre-loaded arriving sometime next week, I thought i'd ask about tips for installing FSX Gold. Head off any problems at the pass. The big question for me is Do you install it where Win10 wants you too or do you set up your own directory outside program file's or whatever its called in 10, just like most of us did with Win7.

    Another issue for me is installing the SDK's for any future scenery work. In the past, ive had no problems installing these where-ever MS wants them, anyone had any issue's with 10

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    Same as W7 install outside of program files preferably on another drive but thats now essential.
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    I found FSX Gold takes forever to install in W10, Disk 1 will sit there pontificating for about 15 minutes seemingly doing nothing but will start eventually. Steam version has no such problems.

    There are oodles of YT videos covering the disk version and error codes if you come across any during install.
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    Newer install Flightsim in Windows ( :C disc ) ... make a New folder in another partition/disc called FSX or someting , and point to that ( some small parts will install in :C
    ) .

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    Since you are looking at a fresh installation of FSX, there are two things I would suggest.
    First, do not install it to the default, C\Program Files (x86) folder. Install it to it's own folder on the hard drive so that Windows security features do not interfere with FSX.
    Second, I'd recommend buying and installing FSX: Steam Edition. The Steam version contains a number of fixes and was recompiled for better performance and memory management.
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    I'll second the recommendation for FSX Steam Edition. Life is much easier with it and it contains utilities for finding and correcting any glitches. I also recommend Steve's DX10 Fixer. It is a major upgrade . My last recommendation is using nvidia inspector....hopefully you are getting an nvidia card.

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    Honestly I would put the boxed edition on the shelf and install the FSX-Steam Edition (FSX-SE) from Dovetail Games.
    It has been upgraded a couple of times with the more modern operating systems in mind unlike the decade+ old boxed version.
    They will no doubt have a sale very soon but it is priced at $24 now.

    Just keep in mind that anything FSX related you buy on Steam will only ever work in FSX-SE.
    So if you think you might move on to P3D later you can't take them with you. Buy add-ons elsewhere.

    Hope this helps.

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    To be honest, i had'nt consider'd Stream, Ive got the disks, so i might as well use them.

    One thing about Stream that confuse's me, if recently purchased Orbx Global base and Global vector, and i can never go back to stock terrain, can i still use them in Stream ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian elliot View Post
    To be honest, i had'nt consider'd Stream, Ive got the disks, so i might as well use them.

    One thing about Stream that confuse's me, if recently purchased Orbx Global base and Global vector, and i can never go back to stock terrain, can i still use them in Stream ?
    Everything that works in the Box version will work in the Steam version. The Steam version comes with a bunch of fixes and if anything goes wrong you can fix it thru Steam. Plus no
    need to call Microsoft to activate because FSX-SE will always be in your Steam library all you need to do is download and install. And with FTX you can activate/deactivate in FTXCentral.

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    I just thought i'd give you guys a progress report. Im actually really pleased buy how painless installing everything has been, ive a box'd version of FSX and installed outside program file's and ive had no serious problems since, all my scenery tools and SDK 's work fine also. Ive even an old PSP7 CD which i got free included in a computer mag about 15 years a go, which installed first time.

    A few little problems, like somehow hiding some of my folder's, which is probably down to me fiddling to much and a "product activation warning" for FSX Acc, which then proceeds to work just fine.

    All in all im really please'd, so far all the nervousness and apprehension were mis-place'd and with my early X-mas present to myself, Orbx Vector and Global base from their sale, im flying happy
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