Forrestal class carriers....
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Thread: Forrestal class carriers....

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    Forrestal class carriers....

    I am really looking forward to the release of the USS Forrestal class carriers that are included with purchase of the Heat Blur Simulations' Tomcat. They sure are tight-lipped about the release though.

    All I have seen on the forums is that it is planned for release by the end of this year. It is a long time coming. I bought the Tomcat when it was first made available over a year ago, last month. Having done two deployments on the Indy and one on the Sara, I might actually spend more time with DCS! NC

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    Hello Chief,First let me say Happy belated Veteran's Day,And Thank You very much for your Service.
    Along with you and many others,I bought The Heatblur TomCat last yr.And after EA release in March,Heatblur have been Very Quiet about any future plans in DCS other than state...The F-14A,The A-6 AI and Carrier are all still planned.

    My personnel opinion is we won't see The Heatblur Carrier until after DCS release The New Super Carrier Module as they share many of the same features/ Deck Crew animations.Again that's only my Opinion from a Business/Sales point of view.


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    Doesn’t look like it will leave dry dock this yr redditr/hoggit - To Cobra/HB: Are we still going to get the new carrier this year

    32 votes and 22 comments so far on Reddit

    “Working through the holidays to get an update out on the Forrestal before eoy (don’t worry, I’m off in the beginning of jan! ); but the gist of it is no; we’ll launch it in one of the january patches. Macro texture detailing has been the biggest unexpected timesink.”


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