A question about P3DV4.5 Hotfix 2....
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Thread: A question about P3DV4.5 Hotfix 2....

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    A question about P3DV4.5 Hotfix 2....

    I still have not installed P3DV4.5 Hotfix 2. As I understand it, I would have to uninstall all my addons before installing Hotfix 2, and I am hesitant to go through all that process. Is this update worth all that trouble? NC

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    Hi Chief,

    Here is a link to a post on LM's Prepared forum with a pretty straightforward guide to installing updates. I followed it when I updated from V4.4 to V4.5, and I didn't have to touch any of my addons. Hope this helps.


    EDIT: You may need to verify your addons are working properly, such as any ORBX scenery via ORBX Central (see Noddy's recent post). I did when I installed the update, and everything seemed OK.
    Craig "CB" Taylor

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    When I applied the patch I did not have to uninstall any add-ons. From the apps menu I uninstalled the client, being sure not to deactivate it. Then just installed the client, easy peasy.
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    Chief, I used the same method blanston12 mentioned, the change was seamless, all addons work fine absent further action.


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    Thanks all, for your replies. I did as advised, and all seemed to go smoothly! NC

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