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    Midway-class aircraft carrier 1950s.zip

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    Description: Midway-class aircraft carrier 1950th

    The Midway-class aircraft carrier was a series of three aircraft carriers of the United States Navy. The lead ship, USS Midway, was commissioned in late 1945 and was taken out of service in 1992. USS Franklin D. Roosevelt was decommissioned in 1977. USS Coral Sea was decommissioned in 1990.

    The CVB-41-class vessels (then unnamed) were originally conceived in 1940 as a design study to determine the effect of including an armored flight deck on a carrier the size of the Essex class. The resulting calculations showed that the effect would be a reduction of air group size—the resulting ship would have an air group of 64, compared to 72 for the standard Essex-class fleet carriers. As it progressed, the design also became heavily influenced by the wartime experience of the Royal Navy's armored carriers

    While the resulting ships featured excellent protection and unprecedented airwing size, they also had several undesirable characteristics. Internally, the ships were very cramped and crowded. Freeboard was unusually low for such large carriers; in heavy seas, they shipped large amounts of water (only partially mitigated by the fitting of a hurricane bow during the SCB-110/110A upgrades) and corkscrewed in a manner that hampered landing operations. In addition, in contrast with the earlier Lexington, Yorktown and Essex-classes, the beam (width) of the Midway-class carriers meant that they could not pass through the Panama Canal.

    Although they were intended to augment the US Pacific fleet during World War II, the lead ship of the class, Midway, was not commissioned until 10 September 1945, eight days after the Surrender of Japan.

    Ships within the package :

    CV-41 Midway
    CV-42 Franklin D. Roosevelt
    CV-43 Coral Sea

    Special thanks: I use the carrier from maxromash, (Sketchfab ), under licence Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) with different changes I did to these ships.

    Mr Bing Chandler (Skippy) from flyingstations.com for his permission to use his barrier and the gauge from his very nice Victorius Early War carriers.

    I used other freeware models for this too. Most aircraft models are original from CFS2 and convertet to FSX.

    Surely all models i use are freeware. So please don`t use all the elements of this models in other way as freeware without the permission of the designers.

    I hope you will enjoy these models.

    Klaus Nowak (aka klnowak in Sim Outhouse)
    November 2019

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    Thanks, Klaus., for another fine set of models.

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