One Hundred and one years on.....
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Thread: One Hundred and one years on.....

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    One Hundred and one years on.....

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Amen and again Amen.

    Cheers chris

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    Thanks for the lovely reminder. Let us never forget the heroes resting in Flander's Field.
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    Chiefly a day for sales here in the states and virtually no mention of the true meaning of the day on American television networks. Indeed, a forgotten war. Folks know a little about what "Veterans' Day" is here in the states, but the meaning of the day was lost forever when the name was changed from "Armistice Day," which I grew up calling it and still do.

    My father, originally from Canada, told me on 11/11, in the 20s and 30s, about two minutes before 11 traffic in cities and towns across Canada (in their time zones) began slowing down until it was stopped at 11AM. CNR and CP, and GTW also stopped their freight and passenger trains for this observation. The only things that didn't stop were airborne aircraft. People stopped walking, talking, what they were doing, trucks, private vehicles, streetcars and buses stopped, and it got very quiet for two minutes across the entire country. Canada suffered proportionately much higher casualties in that war than the US did and it's been remembered far longer up there than it has ever been down here.

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