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    Just Curious...

    After doing much research for accurate 2d cockpits, I was surprised to learn that the bf-109 E had no artificial horizon. Does anyone know why this instrument was left out?

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    I don't know this for a fact, but I would guess it was because Messerschmitt originally did not envision the 109 as an all weather fighter and therefore an artificial horizon would not be needed.

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    Somewhere i had read.....

    .......that in the original very early years of the war, fighting was conducted in the daylight hours ie; bombing raids , etc. So most fighters/aircraft were designed as limited range and no need for night time gadgets. It was the gentleman way to do war you know, kill each other in the daytime then go have dinner and a libation (or two) and a nights sleep. As it progressed so did the demands on the planes and pilots.

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    I would opine that the 109 was designed and used (for the most part) as a day fighter for basically clear conditions. So an artificial horizon was not needed.

    The 110 model was used quite a bit in the night-fighter role where a "horizon" could be necessary. Therefore, it was equipped with an artificial horizon (see link).

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    I hadn't looked at it from the day/night or good/bad weather line of thinking and it makes sense. Also may explain why the Spitfire and Hurricane had one considering the often bad or foggy conditions in Britain as opposed to the Continent.

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