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    Ant's Tiger Moth Pro

    While I have subscribed to SOH for many years, usually I am content to just lurk and add a comment every now and then. But after buying and flying Ant's new Tiger Moth I'm extremely impressed. Since FS9 days I have downloaded free and payware versions of the TM. Up until this new release Ant's Free version was my favorite. This new one is much better. If you, like me love the Tiger Moth, in my opinion you owe it to yourself to at least load the free demo to see how good it is. I'm anxiously awaiting the paint kit now.


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    Well I certainly agree! This is a brilliant plane and Ant has done an amazing job with this release!
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    I agree. I always liked the old Ant one, though I was a bit unhappy with the height of the undercarriage and I'd have liked a tail-skid rather than a wheel. This one takes care of both. I'm just hoping for some good repaints. The price is very fair, too, especially if you set it against years of enjoyment from the old free one, which I think was my first new download addon when i started moving to FSX from FS9.
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