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Thread: DCS Development Reports

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    Eurofighter on the horizon
    Introducing TrueGrit Virtual Technologies

    We are thrilled to announce that the Eurofighter Typhoon is on its way to DCS World!

    To bring this advanced fighter to DCS, a brand new company, TrueGrit Virtual Technologies has been founded specifically for the challenge. The TrueGrit development team is led by Gero Finke, a highly experienced former Typhoon Instructor Pilot with 15 years experience on type and an additional 10 years as a weapons instructor on the mighty F-4 Phantom – a total of 3’000 hours of military jet flying. Gero was station commander at one of the world’s most famous fighter bases of all time, the 71st Tactical Fighter Wing at Wittmundhaven, Germany, formally known as the Red Baron´s legendary “Jagdgeschwader Richthofen” and Squadron Commander at Jagdgeschwader 73, Steinhoff. Today, Gero’s dev team has substantial programming and design experience. This professionalism combined with Gero’s exceptional active-duty and operational knowledge is very promising for DCS and the future of this exciting new module.

    Their 3D designer has a background working with Airbus, Grob, Eurocopter, Luftwaffe and also with Heatblur on their DCS: F-14 project.

    The lead coder has had substantial experience with various simulator projects, both in the air and ground combat realm. Two other coders with Ph.D.’s in physics and mathematics will lead the programming of the Typhoon’s extremely complex flight model.

    In addition to Gero’s personal input and contribution to this highly detailed simulation, the team has excellent access to a number of Subject Matter Experts such as former instructor pilots, weapon instructors and maintenance personnel.

    Their team size stands at 15 today but they are always on the lookout for experienced coders to continue to grow. See more development screenshots below.

    DCS: Mil Mi-24P Hind
    Development Report

    The DCS: Mil Mi-24P Hind continues to make steady progress. The cockpit is currently in development and being added to the airframe with basic functionality implementation to follow. We expect to see the start of the integration of flight dynamics and power plant from mid-April.


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    LOL!! Finally a Eurofighter that will fly, unlike the real thing which spends most of its time on the ground...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Priller View Post
    LOL!! Finally a Eurofighter that will fly, unlike the real thing which spends most of its time on the ground...

    maybe that's the fidelity we'll get... sometimes EuFi will fly, sometimes you'll get in the thing and it'll go tech and not fly

    kinda looking forwards to it though! (though i'm still waiting on my baby the F-4E! and the F-16 is helping alleviate that to a degree)

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