Bogue Class Carriers in WWII and the 1950th
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Thread: Bogue Class Carriers in WWII and the 1950th

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    Bogue Class Carriers in WWII and the 1950th

    Did another group of carriers in the last weeks. The Bougue Class Carriers.
    Carriers are ready and loadup is done... so i will show up some pictures in here and will give you a little information about this carriers from wikipedia

    The Bogue class were a class of escort carriers built in the United States for service with the U.S. Navy and (under lend-lease) the Royal Navy during World War II. Following the war, ten Bogue-class ships were kept in service by the U.S. Navy and were used for helicopter and aircraft transport operations.
    The ships operated by the Royal Navy were renamed and grouped as the Attacker class and the Ruler class; the latter all having names of "Ruler"s. Following the war, those ships that served with the Royal Navy were returned to the United States and were either scrapped or converted for mercantile use.

    The Bogue-class escort carriers were based on the Maritime Commission's Type C3 cargo ship hull. Most were built by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corporation, but some of the early examples were produced by Ingalls Shipbuilding of Pascagoula, Mississippi and by the Western Pipe and Steel Company of San Francisco, California. They all were named for sounds, and were equipped with derricks for retrieving seaplanes and loading and unloading aircraft These vessels were equipped with a variety of weapons, including one or two main guns of 4"/50 caliber, 5"/38 caliber or 5"/51 caliber, plus 40 mm Bofors and 20 mm Oerlikons. The type of main gun and number of smaller guns changed over the course of the war. They could carry as many as 28 aircraft operationally, or more if operating as an aircraft transport with additional aircraft secured to the flight deck.
    The 10 remaining Bogue-class escort carriers in US service were re-designated as "helicopter escort carriers" (CVHE) in 1955 and five of these were re-designated as "utility escort carriers" (CVU) in 1958, then aircraft ferry (AKV) in 1958 and operating under US Maritime Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) during the Vietnam War.

    Ships within the package :

    WWII 45 Ships

    CV9 - CVE-31 -10 United States Navy Ships
    D01 - D98 35 Royal Navy Ships

    Some pictures

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    And the ships of the Attacker Class and Ruler Class that where given to the Royal Navy during WWII.


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    Holy smokes, Klaus! I've been watching all you CV developments, and these are beautiful. Thanks a bunch!
    America never stopped being great.

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    Beautiful work . I'm not a naval flyer but I feel a change coming on !

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    Thank you so much

    My Uncle Bert will be so proud to see his ship in the sim. I will have to download and take pictures.

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    Thank you very much klnowak. I am in awe of the detail of these boats that you have produced. Payware quality too. I'm really looking forward to launching them sometime this weekend. Thank you again
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    Very nice indeed, especially the Swordfish on deck.
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    Thank you Klaus, all these ships you are producing are just amazing and include a great library of other ship to make some really interesting formations.

    I am using them all in P3Dv4 and for the most part they work great, only a minor issue I have is there are no ship wakes or smoke from the stacks. I have made sure I have no extra fx_wake_*.fx files lying around so I am just getting those that are in the main P3D folder but no luck. Just for comparison the Flying Stations HMS Victorious does work with the wake.
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