Air war Over Malaya and the East Indies Part 2
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Thread: Air war Over Malaya and the East Indies Part 2

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    Air war Over Malaya and the East Indies Part 2

    Hi guys,

    I finally uploaded the second part of my Malaya/Singapore/Java campaign update.
    I started updating the bomber missions, but eventually decided to make a new campaign out of them, focusing only on the Blenheim squadrons operating there.

    Besides updating the already existing missions with new scenery, eyecandy like Cpt. Kurt´s airfield personnel and a few things I have learned about Mission Building in the time since I first published the original missions, i also went over my books again, and added several new missions that weren´t in the first package, for a total of 31 missions.

    It runs on the setup of Part 1, so if you alreadfy have the fighter camaigns, all you need is to download and install one additional ship and you´re good to go.

    Please note that these are bomber missions, so if you only enjoy dogfighting this may not be for you, but I tried to make the missions varied and interesting with a few surprises.

    I just uploaded them now, so as soon as Rami approves them they can be downloaded.

    Have fun!

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    Air war Over Malaya and the East Indies Part

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Campaigns Add-Ons

    Description: Welcome to the second part of my Malaya/East Indies campaign series. This campaign looks at the conflict from the view of a British Blenheim bomber pilot.

    It takes you through the whole conflict, from the Japanese landings in Malaya, through the fall of Singapore, the defense of Sumatra up to the final days on Java, when the Dutch East Indies finally fell to the Japanese.

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit Air war Over Malaya and the East Indies Part
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Very nice! It's always great to get to campaigns to look at and fly, especially in the Pacific! Thank you for all of your efforts.

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    Captain Kurt
    "Fly, you fools!" Gandalf the Gray

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    Thank you Skylane, looking forward flying this one.


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    Hi Skylane
    Thanks for all your efforts with these campaigns.
    Downloading now.

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    Many thanks Skylane!

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    Thank you very much Skylane
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    The PSK_Trawler_NW was missing in the download list of ships

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    Skylane: Thank you for keeping the PTO alive. As soon as I finish my campaign that I am building, I will enjoy flying yours. Thanks!
    "De Oppresso Liber"

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    Skylane: Hmm! Somehow my install has the old Blenheim missions in it and is looking for items not in the current Part 1. Going back to figure out what dummy has done here.
    That's why it was looking for the PSK Trawler and other items not in the current 2018 Part 1
    Sorry- I will get it right. Looking forward to getting it fixed to fly. I had all your other old 2003( I think) missions loaded in another install.

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    I am completely rebuilding this set of missions into a separate install. How do I get the textures to show up in the two PBY-5 that are in the d/list.
    both texures RAF & KNIL are in the ALpha pby-5 but need two separate aircraft.

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    I´m awfully sorry, it seems I made a mistake with the readme for Part 1...
    Actually, the you only need this RAF Catalina:

    When I made the missions I experimented with several aircraft that I didn´t use in the end, so please forget the two PBY entries in the readme and use the one from the link above.

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    Rami,could you please insert this updated Installation guide into Part 1 of my Air War over Malaya... campaign?

    I hope there aren´t any more bugs, if you find more, please let me know and I´ll fix it.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    No worry. this is what I end up doing--muddle along and D/L interesting additions that others have worked so hard on and start up missions to see if I ( underline I) missed anything--which is pretty normal for me.

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    A little instruction for a dummy on your revised installation document. How much in the PHP scenery file do I install? Same with the ETO inf pack01 and 02?

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    Icon22 Reply...


    I'll wait for your response to Highpockets before I include the revised readme.

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    Highpockets, Readme files are obviously not my strength, I should have included the following from the start:

    From the PHP scenery and the two ETO inf Packs you only need the objects. Copy the folders Objects_DP and SCENEDB -> inf into your install. Do not forget to delete the filelist.dat in your SCENEDB ->inf ->scenery folder.

    Rami, let´s wait a few more days, if nothing else comes up I´ll post the updated readme after the next Weekend.

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    Thanks Skylane. I am working through your new missions. Enjoyed all the separate ones before--now looking forward to the new challenges.

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    Unable to find vw Hudson 4-2

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    ...........It is here, down near the bottom of the page. VW Hudson_usc_ .

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    I searched in the CFS 2 A/C library and missed it somehow. Skylane will have to change the link in his instructions. I could not find it in I had the 4_4 but not the 4_2.

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    Aircraft not found in library

    What am I missing here?

    error message says "Model cw-21b not found in the library"

    Folder name= CW21B

    title=Curtiss CW-21B Interceptor KNIL
    sim=cw21B ; air file and dp file match sim=cw21B


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    aha-- saw it after posting here! Changed Air.Cfg title to match mission title.

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    What the hell is this?

    The same thing was shown to me after I had followed all the installation steps.

    Now I only followed Ramis Guide, so I only installed East Indian and New Japanese Airfields and LOD Meshes ect

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Combat Flight Simulator 2 Screenshot 2019.11.30 -  

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