"In a rather uncomfortable situation for the French manufacturer, following a 12-page document submitted by Racing Point during the Japanese Grand Prix race weekend, the FIA have taken the decision to disqualify the team from the final results at Suzuka for using what has been described as an 'illegal driving aid' - something that has been banned from the sport in a bid to ensure driver skill is not masked by technical trickery with modern F1 cars.
Although a subsequent investigation and evidence lodged by both parties came to the conclusion that the brake bias adjustment system didn't directly contravene the technical regulations of the sport, the FIA still adjudged the system to be a driver aid, which is against the current sporting regulations of Formula One.
Having reviewed the evidence following the Racing Point protest, the FIA has taken the decision to give Renault a slap on the wrist in the form of excluding the squad from their sixth and tenth placed finishes at Suzuka, adding more pressure on the French marque as they continue to fight for 'best of the rest' in the constructors championship this season.
Immediately following the ruling, Renault stated they would be considering their options heading to Mexico, however rather wisely the team have elected to offer no further appeal from the Japanese Grand Prix sanction."

Where did a 12-page document submitted by Racing Point (aka Team Stroll) come from and why were they the ones who protested?
EffWun is becoming more of a farce than ever, especially when a team that resembles Fred Karnos Circus protests a proper (if dysfunctional) Factory Operation!