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    how do you put and find odjects and buildings to go into jhs folders in cfs2 how to install then please

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    John, you mean Achim's European, Eastern Front, and Mediterranean airfields?

    Each package has a hyperlinked readme. Click on the links on the page, download the files they are linked to, and unzip the files. Read the instructions on what goes where.

    If the file extension is .dp, they belong in the OBJECTS_DP folder inside your CFS2 installation. If they have a .bgl or .bmp file, most likely they belong in the SCENEDB folder.

    You basically have to read and take it step-by-step.

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    BGLs: The readme says which Scenedb folder to put them in. Be sure to delete the filelist.dat file in that folder. Place the BMPs in the associated texture folder. For scenery, you will have to activate and add it to your GSL file. Open the GSL folder, make a copy of your original CFS2.GSL and place the new GSL from the download int the folder. Activate the GslMan.exe and highlight the new GSL and hit "add." After a few seconds you'll see the completed message. Close the GslMan and the folder.

    DPs: The dp files you my find in the download go into your ObjectsDP folder.

    Any uploader worth his salt will include detailed installation instructions with his/her download describing the process Rami and I wrote here. The same applies for add-on ships, planes, objects etc.

    Cheers and welcome:

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    how to add scenety into jhs folders which one is the best that work using gsl I cannot get the bulidings to show up europe airfelids just does not work for me so how to do it please if you got a video link so I can watch how to do

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