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Thread: Sales for Anything for Prepared V4

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    Sales for Anything for Prepared V4

    Note - did not see a thread regarding this for P3Dv4 only under P3D v1-3, so if this is in the wrong location, please correct.

    simwestSOCAL Spooky Sale
    simwest wants to celebrate one of its favorite holidays by giving an opportunity for sim pilots to enjoy flying throughout Southern California, USA at an exceptional value. Since Halloween falls on October 31st we are offering simwestSOCAL now through October 31st at a discount of 31%!

    simwestFOTOREAL series takes the typical, flat photoreal scenery and kicks it up a notch by adding millions of custom placed buildings, vegetation, night lighting and even seasonal winter snow in mountains to take you to the next level of immersion.

    An intro video can be seen at:

    You can get your copy of simwestSOCAL exclusively at the Store at

    Designed for both P3D and FSX versions, the simwest goal is simple - provide performance, immersion and enjoyment.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails simwestSOCAL_Spooky_Sale.jpg  

    "photoreal scenery you'll want to fly thru, not over"

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    I have this, but haven't had time to install and checkout. Looking forward to checking out my hometown.

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    Don H

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    Stickied it, thanks.

    My scenery development galleries:

    Solomon 1943 V2 Open beta download:
    Solomon 1943 V2 update 2013-02-05 download:

    Current Project: DHC-4 / C-7a Caribou by Tailored Radials
    Dev-Gallery at

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    We are doing a flash sale, everything 29.99 on our website until tomorrow.

    SimWorks Studios

    Alex Vletsas

    3D Modeler & Animator

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    Carenado Once A Year Sale - Save Up To 70%

    Now through November 25th Carenado is having the one big sale of the year.

    Wherever Carenado is sold: PC Aviator, JustFlight, Carenado, ...

    There goes my Paypal balance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fsafranek View Post
    Now through November 25th Carenado is having the one big sale of the year.

    Wherever Carenado is sold: PC Aviator, JustFlight, Carenado, ...

    There goes my Paypal balance.
    The Carenado site isnt fast at the best of times and it's getting hammered at the moment.
    Think I'l give it a couple of days before buying anything, dont want to end up accidentaly paying 3 or 4 times because of a slow server.
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    Yeah I kept getting "Error connecting to database" messages when trying to navigate the Carenado site. BTW, Just Flight's Carenado sale seems to be for FSX/P3D aircraft only.
    "Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, trees and interstellar space. It is much more difficult to fly there".

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    Alabeo 50% off sale

    Alabeo is having a 50% off sale on everything. Sorry x-plane your sale was last month.

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    Captain Sim sale, Dec 23, 24 hours only, everything $25

    I've already posted in the FSX forum, and I suppose just about everyone here got the e-mail, but in
    case anyone missed it:

    We regret to inform you that from 0000Z 23DEC2019, 24 hours only, everything is $25.
    A festivus for the rest of us. Air your grievances at
    Stay tuned,
    Captain Sim News

    I assume that's $25 US.

    I don't think there's any CS planes I want that I don't already have, but just fyi.


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    Iris Simulations Sale - 50% Off

    At the online store -

    The Iris PC-21 has been re-worked by David Brice and it is one of my favorites in P3Dv4. (I also like the T-6 Texan, but have not used it in P3Dv4 as much as the PC-21.)

    P.S. I just did an install of the T-6 and, if you are careful with the install (installer will not find P3Dv4), the T-6 is a wonderful aircraft in P3Dv4.
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    29 Palms

    I just bought KTNP 29 Palms scenery from All of their Sceneries are 40% off, and I highly recommend buying this!! Extremely high quality. NC

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    SWS Update day & big sale!

    From SWS:

    Update day and big sale!
    The Navy redeploys!

    Aerosoft recently announced that an update for their F-14 Extended was released, that made the Tomcat fully integrated with our carrier system. The update has been in the works for quite some time and brings full TACAN, ICLS and ACLS integration to the F-14.

    Today we are releasing our own part of the update which activates the Tomcat's launch system and introduces more accurate CEX presets.

    This update extends to all our carrier-related products, further providing some fixes and improvements, as well as a new setting that will be of use for helicopter-capable vessels.

    The package will also include the latest version of vLSO which restores interoperability between it and SWS Carriers Extended!

    The updates will be live later today.

    Vietnam-era sale!

    We will be running a 30% off sale on our Vietnam era Phantom & Midway products until February 13th, in anticipation of our PBR Phantom release.

    Esteemed as one of the most accurate recreations of this iconic aircraft, the SWS Phantom has been featured on the cover of Micro Simulateur and PC Pilot and has received PC Pilot's Classic Award. With USS Coral Sea included and out-of-the-box TacPack integration, the SWS Phantom offers a complete carrier ops experience for FSX-P3Dv4.

    Midway Battlegroup contains the USS Midway, USS Coral Sea and an escort fleet allowing you to form and operate off a realistic 1970s battlegroup. Featuring SWS Carriers Extended technology, the product features animated arrestor cables, custom catapults, OLS, TACAN, ILS, pitching deck and much more!


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    Great news from SWS!

    I am still trying to locate information on the update from Aerosoft though. The link on my Aerosoft account for the Tomcat is still showing a 2018 date NC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navy Chief View Post
    The link on my Aerosoft account for the Tomcat is still showing a 2018 date NC
    Same here. I guess it will come soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimus View Post
    Same here. I guess it will come soon?
    Well, update of sorts. I just found this on the Aerosoft site. But when I check the link for the Tomcat on my Aerosoft account, it does not appear to be updated. I messaged Mathijs, but have not heard back from him yet.

    Mathijs Kok

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    Posted January 8 Update for 64 bit versions
    - Rebuilt TACAN system
    - F-14 is now fully integrated with the SimWorks Studios CEX package. Compatibility includes TACAN, ILS, and ACLS.
    - Other minor fixes Replaced the files from V3.1.0.0

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    The update is available through the Aerosoft Updater and is actually version now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gary20 View Post
    The update is available through the Aerosoft Updater and is actually version now.


    Gary, any chance you could provide a link to Aerosoft's Updater? I searched for quite a while this morning, am not able to locate it! Thanks, NC

    This is what I see on my Aerosoft Account:

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails order.jpg  

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    I just posted about my problem on the Aerosoft website forum. Wait and see now......NC


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    Posted just now

    I have the Aerosoft Tomcat and Andras Field scenery on my PC. Bought both from Aerosoft. According to a forum post I read on Aerosoft's website, there is a update to the F-14 Tomcat, but the download link on my account still has a date of 2018. If the "Updater" tool is supposed to be utilized to update the Tomcat, what can I do if I do not have it installed? Please advise. Thanks, Pete

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    You can download the updater from the Aerosoft forum:

    Note, you'll need to be logged into the forum to see it.

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    Navy Chief, when I installed the tomcat the AS updater was part of the install ?
    Is it not for you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by gary20 View Post
    Navy Chief, when I installed the tomcat the AS updater was part of the install ?
    Is it not for you?

    Checking now, but do not think so. NC


    I do not see it listed. Could you please tell me what the address directory where your Aerosoft Updater is located? A screenshot along with that would really be helpful. Thanks. NC

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    Odd if it isnt, but looks like you can get it from the link DaveWG posted above.

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    I did download the 7zip utility and the Updater file from those links, but I cannot figure out how to use 7zip. I have it installed, but am clueless how to open/install the updater. NC

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    Ok, so I was able to install the Updater files, but when I try to run it, I get the following error code, saying it can't find the updater.dat file, but it is listed. NC
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dat file.jpg   dat file.jpg  

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    Don't know NC.
    Perhaps go through AS support.

    I'm sure you'll get there


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