FSX - Engines stop sound does not Older FSX models
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Thread: FSX - Engines stop sound does not Older FSX models

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    FSX - Engines stop sound does not Older FSX models

    I have searched in vain for a fix to a very annoying bug in FSX which caused an engine sound of sorts to continue on even when the engines have been stopped or shutdown. There have been all sorts of fixes such as using Q on or off etc. None ever seemed to work. I started to play around with sound files learning how to get a single sound set to be a 3 or 4 engine sound mix. What I discovered was this and in the process a fix for the problem.

    The sound is generated mostly by older MS 2004 sound files (or earlier) that have been ported across to FSX models, either by design or that was the best there was for that engine-aircraft combination. The files that create that annoying engine sound are NON-COMBUSITION wav files. For some reason and this is probably the bug FSX will not recognise the end of the wav loop for those files and just keeps playing them.

    Solution - open the sound config file. Locate the first entries for NON COMBUSTION and use the // edit in front to edit them out. Then go down the sound file until you find the relevant links, they will be named NON COMBUSTION 1.00 1.01 etc and do the same // them so they cannot be read. Save the sound config file and hey presto no more annoying engine running on sounds when you shutdown.

    Here is the example:

    File begins like this:


    these are the file to edit out:


    and then these as you go down the config file list:

    etc. Works like a charm and no issues with the way the other sounds work or the overall package.

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    Excellent find. I have also run across this problem with airplanes that I guess were port-overs. I always referred to it as "dieseling" (my Dad had a car that would do that after he shut the engine off, lol). Anyway, good info and thanks for the HU!!
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    Very handy bit of info. Thank-you, for all the time you invested in this. This is a very common issue in FSX. I looked everywhere for the fix.

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    Hello BendyFlyer,

    Thanks for this tip!


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    Great job!, Bendyflyer...I could never understand why after shutdown, some engines would still be roaring..Even the APUs runs after shutdown.
    Thank you for the tidbit....I'll definitely put it to good use... tp

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