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    Hat problem

    Morning Folks;

    I've been having a lot of problems with my mission builders lately, mostly with re-skinned planes. I'm trying out a fresh install from the original discs.

    I used to be able to have several texture folders in an aircraft and all showed up in mission builder and worked fine. Now, most of those installs I've just given up on. It became impossible to even add a basic plane with only the original texture.

    The install I'm trying out now is at least allowing me to add aircraft. For each skin I'm making a new aircraft folder. F4F3_WILDCAT, F4F3_WILDCAT A, and so on. So far this is working and all aircraft show up. My problem is when I try looking behind me with the "Hat Button". When I try to look back, the sim crashes to the desk top, with a cfs2 has stopped working message. This is not only happening in MB, but also in free fight and everywhere else. The stock planes are fine. I'm using The B24 Guy's overhauled planes. The F4F3 and 5 others copied from it all work fine. I'm having the problem with the SDB2 and TBD1. Even the basic overhauled planes will stop working when I try to look to the rear. They all show up (SDB2, SDB2 A, etc) and work fine until I try the rear view.

    Can you tell me how to fix this? I could live without the rear view.

    I've always loved The B24 Guy's work. I'm using Uncle Tgt's textures. Nothing but the finest from those fellas!

    I have campaigns installed from some of the greats here and all work perfectly. I don't mess with those. my joystick, peddles, flight quad, are all set up the same way for all installs. I am going to compare the CFS2 config files once again, just in case I missed something.

    I wish I could have just said my "Hat Button" don't work! Sorry for the long story.

    Thanks, cheers .... Rick

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    Sorry to say that I have no sure fire suggestion for curing this, but many times, shifting to a view that contains gauges that are incompatible with CFS2 will cause the game to crash. Perhaps gauges in the rear view of some of the reworked panels might contain gauges that cause the game to crash?

    You might try checking the panel.cfg file and see if it contains a designated rear view window. If it does, then make a copy of the original panel.cfg file and delete the window from the [Window Titles] list and from the body of the cfg file, making sure to not mess up the [WindowXX] sequence in the process, and see if the problem disappears.

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    Render 3D Issue?

    Just a thought:

    Go to the panel configuration file (panel.cfg) and find a line that says "render_3d_window" and comment it out. I found this to be an issue with Windows 7 64-bit thanks to Allen who gave me the answer. I'm not saying it would be the correct one for you, but it doesn't hurt to check. I tried to change the line from =1 to =0, but it didn't work in my case.


    size_mm=640, 480
    window_pos=0.0, 0.0
    window_size=1.000, 1.000

    gauge00= ...

    Also, make sure the "fixed_window" titles are correct as well. Again, not sure if this would be the fix for you, but again, it wouldn't hurt to check.

    Good Luck!

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    Hi Rickyo,
    It sounds like the Win7 panel problem that Jorge points out.
    I think all the DL of the overhauled AC have the panels fixed by Allen.
    You could DL the updated models if you do not want to mod the panel files yourself.


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    MR, Jorge and B24Guy. Thanks a lot guys! In [Window Titles] I deleted "Fixed Window33=Rear". It's possible that was all I had to do. In [VIEWS], I deleted 4 "VIEW REAR" lines. There was another section named [Fixed Window33]. I left that alone, thinking I might have to delete a line in there, after testing the SDB2 and copies I made of it. I tried the SDB2 and dang, it works fine now! I'm not sure what I should be seeing, but I have a nice view of the back of the rear gunner. I can see to the rear, up and to either side. I'm not sure if he's supposed to have a gun site. I'm very happy with the way it is now. It looks like the TBD1 is set up the same way, so I'll do the same with it.

    I would never have thought to look in the panel CFG. I used to have a fear of messing with files, but hey, I can always start from scratch with a back up.

    Thanks for your guidance guys!

    Cheers .... Rick

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    Hi Rickyo,
    Now that I read your post I think it is the bitmap size that is the problem. For some reason win7 does not like the 1024x768 size.
    You can resize to 800x600 or download the updated files.

    The rear view should be a gun sight.


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    The SBD and TBD are using 800x600 bitmaps for the gunner view. This may be a new type of bug. Again removing all render_3d_window may work. The SBD's [Fixed Window33] dose have a render_3d_window so worth a try to remove it.
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    Morning Guys;

    Well, I've seen a few different rear views now. Back of the gunner, gun site only, and (I'm pretty sure) another gun site view including gun barrels. Allen's works just the way it is, but for me, some of the lower gauges are cut off. Rear views including gun site cause me to loose some of the bottom of the panel when I return to the cockpit view. Most important for me at the moment is that I can use the plane, and it will not crash when I look to the rear. I'll keep messing with it. I'm going to try the TBD1 and do the overhaul and updates and see how that goes.

    Thanks for all the info and tips, I'm not giving up on it, just taking a break!

    Cheers .... Rick

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