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Description: This folder contains a repaint for the A2A WoP2 B-17G in the colors of B-17 42-107040 Shirley Jean, assigned to the 91st BG in Bassingbourn, UK. It which was a B-17G and was named after the crew chief's two daughters. The nose art was done by Tony Starcer and was taken from Esquire's Vargas Girl Calendar, August 1943. she flew 7 combat sorties with the 324th as DF-D, was transferred to the 323rd on 1 April as OR-K, then came back to the 324th in the latter part of August 1944. This paint shows her when she was flying with the 323rd BS. Shirley Jean survived the war with the 91st with a total of 98 missions during 18 months of combat. Her last mission was on March 8, 1945 which was approximately six weeks before the 91st Group's last mission.

Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on the A2A paint kit.

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