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Description: This folder contains a repaint for the A2A WoP2 B-17G in the colors of B-17G 44-6596 LG-P "Sweet Dish" of the 322nd BS/ 91st BG based in Bassingbourne UK. She arrived in Bassingbourne on the 4th of November 1944 and flew her first mission 5 days later, after which she was assigned to Lt Bob Roach and his crew. He suggested naming her Sweet Dish, after his wife, who was known to the crew. Tony Starcer painted her portrait, based on a pocket photograph. By war's end, she would have completed 46 missions by the war's end, including 24 flown by BoB Roach. Her hairiest mission was to Berlin on 5 December. Flak knocked out no.1 engine and set fire to no.2. During the dive to eliminate the fire, the engineer bailed out, and the navigator and bomb aimer followed him. The fire was extinguished however, and 'Sweet Dish' flew home on two engines. They counted 365 holes in the ship next day, and it took until the end of December to get her in the air again. At the end of the war, she took a group of ground crew on a flight over the damaged cities of Germany, so that they too could see the effect of their work, and in may she helped repatriate released PoW's. In june 1945, she flew back to the States, where she was scrapped at Kingman, Arizona in December 1945.

Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on the paint kit by A2A.

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