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Description: This folder contains a repaint for the A2A WoP2 B-17G in the colors B-17G-35-BO 42-32076, which rolled off Boeing's production line in Seattle in march 1944. This was around the transition from camouflaged to bare metal aircraft, which led to the odd situation that the datablock was stencilled onto a OD panel, while the rest of the aircraft was left bare metal. This was because the datablock was sprayed on right at the beginning of production. The aircraft was assigned to the 401st BS of the 91st BG, and was collected at the depot in Burtonwood by Paul McDuffee, who was so impressed with its smooth handling that he asked to be assigned to it. The aircraft was named by its crew chief, Hank Cordes, and was named after a popular song by the Andrews Sisters. Originally, the name was 'Shoo shoo baby', applied in Gothic letters, which was later replaced by a Vargas girl and an additional 'shoo', painted by Cpl. Tony Starcer. McDuffee flew 13 missions with 076, before completing his tour of duty. On completion of his last flight, he buzzed the airfield and flew so low that fencing wire became entangled in the tail wheel. On the plane's 23rd mission, on 29 may 1944, Lt. Robert Guenther was flying 076 on a raid to Poznan when he suffered engine failure on one engine, and a while later, flak knocked out a second engine. 'Shoo shoo shoo baby' started to fall behind, and when a third engine started to falter, Lt. Guenther decided to turn to neutral Sweden, with the crew jettisoning all loose equipment. A group of Fw-190's closed in, but did not open fire, peeling away. By the time 076 reached Bulltofta airfield near Malmö, it had only one engine left, but it did manage to perform a safe landing. The crew were interned, and the aircraft was impounded. The crew returned to the UK in October 1944, and 'Shoo shoo shoo baby' would later tour the world...

Repaint by Jan Kees Blom, based on the paint kit by A2A.

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