B-17 crash
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Thread: B-17 crash

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    B-17 crash

    It seems the Collings Foundations B-17 '909' has crashed today in Connecticut, with casualties. My heart goes out to the people involved.

    I had a flight a short while ago in the Dutch Catalina, just days before it went to the Collings Foundation. They are old, these aircraft, and almost irreplaceable, but I do hope it will remain possible to see these vintage aircraft in the air..
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    Very sad indeed, Roger Wilco 66 and I have taken a flight on the Aluminum Overcast. My thoughts are for the injured and the families of the lost.
    Regards, Tom Stovall KRDD

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    Oh man... That is really sad.
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    It is very sad and my heart goes out to the families affected. I'm always torn somewhat; I'm a rabid warbird fan and love seeing them fly but I sometimes wonder if at some point they shouldn't. I thought it was interesting recently when I learned of some British (I think) warbirds that are kept in running condition but limited to ground runs and taxiing. But I must admit, seeing them take flight is inspiring.

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    I read about this sad accident yesterday. As Tom mentioned, we had the honour to fly in "Aluminum Overcast" a few years ago, which was an awesome experience.
    As terrible as it is, I think it is good that a number of them are kept flying as long as the airframes can take it and the structural integrity is intact.

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    I've just been devastated today. I got to fly Nine-O-Nine back in 1999, as I was working on an article on Hasbro/Microprose's B-17 Flying Fortress II game. Those poor people, excited as I was, to have things end this way.
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    Here is a video I made a few years back at the Yakima Airshow in 1992. I forgot to mention, I went to an estate sale last Friday and found a wall photo of a B-17G Cockpit and a photo of the Nine O Nine in flight.. Strange coincidence.

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    I flew on Nine-O-Nine about 20 years ago and I have seen her multiple times, she even overflew my house on several occasions. I was devastated when I heard that she crashed and it was even worse that she claimed the lives of 7 of the 13 who were aboard at the time.
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