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    For Shadow Wolf 07

    Your Desperate Battles revised and USS Essex revised run on PTO scenery w/o the Rhumba meshes--right-- I am having some scenery conflicts and I think that is the problem. I have a hard time remembering whose scenery additions can be added with or without Rumba mesh unless they say so.

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    Highpockets: HI! I didn't use Rhumba's mesh in the Desperate Battles campaign. But for a few exception missions, as I recall, all are at sea! The only land bases that I remember using are MR's Henderson (in MR's Solomons pack) and the stock Espiritu Santo. Where and what are your scenery conflicts? Any screenshots?

    BTW: I will be revising that one after I finish USS Essex CV9.
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    I think my problem was in free flight from some base where the buildings were above the a/c until I got airborne. I will have to go back and look. My CFS sims are in another computer and I have shut it down for the evening. Thanks for responding. I will get back tomorrow sometime after an appointment.

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    Guam and Marcus. The other one is Wake that i forgot to rename. All free flight in my "PTO mid-war" install.
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    Whose scenery (if anyone's) are you using? I am using MR's and UT's set up on a Rhumba mesh. My screenshots are taken on Marcus and MR's Guam (Orote). Marcus, seems to be no difference from stock except the new shorelines have made the island smaller. MR's Guam (Orote) is off a bit from the stock location in placement (I found myself next to a tree between 2 revetments on start). I took a dusk shot, just to show off the base's runway lights.

    I'm pretty sure that if you are getting elevated objects on your terrain, and in those locations you definitely have some sort of conflict. Why don't you take a couple of screenshots of your Scenery Library under Settings and we can see what you have installed.
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    Here ya go. I am so dense on this scenery business. Thanks for taking a look.
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    Are you using the mr_solomons_081116 download or some other? If so, where did the MR Solomons GSL BGLS pack come from? If it is from some other download, I'e never seen it before.

    As for the mr_micronesia_100707 set, double check that its GSL (mr_mn.gsl) is installed. It appears as though your gsl is not compatible with the .bgl in the scenery (airbase data) folder. This could account for the "floating" objects.

    Whenever you make a change or addition to an Scenery folder, always delete the file list.dat file found there.

    Having a great day today, hope you are too:

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    Thanks Shadow Wolf 07
    I am looking into what in the world is going on. On checking my airbases.dat there are as best I can tell some 72 European airbases in it before the PTO bases begin with Espiritu Santo. ????
    Where the heck did they come from?
    I have some work to do.

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    Just reinstalled CFS2 and didn't ever realize the original had the Abbeville etc airbases.dat. Always thought they were only the Pacific Bases

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    Yes, they are on the stock airbases.dat. I have replaced them with add-on PTO bases on the airbases.dat that I am using and will upload with my campaign to stay under the 250 limit. You too can replace them wth no harm if you want for the PTO.
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    SW 07
    Sorry for the late reply, but the problem was somewhere in the GSL file. I redid it and all is OK
    Thanks for the tip.

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