Can't find Beech 18 Amphibian in P3D
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Thread: Can't find Beech 18 Amphibian in P3D

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    Can't find Beech 18 Amphibian in P3D

    I have a really odd issue.
    I have installed the FSX native versions of Milton Shupes' Beech 18. I installed the wheeled, amphibian and ski versions into the same Airplanes folder where I keep all my 3rd party aircraft.

    The wheeled and ski versions are showing up in the list of available aircraft but the amphibian version isn't.

    I've gone thru the aircraft.cfg and can't find any reason why the amphibs aren't showing up.

    Anyone have any ideas what I missed?


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    In my file tree in Sim Objects/Airplanes, I find this.
    D18S_Rusty Myers_float
    But with the sim running I go to Vehicles/Select and find these, all of which work:

    Beech D18S Cargo N9001 Methow
    Beech D18S Cargo Xpress
    Beech D18S Passenger CAFNM
    Beech D18S Passenger Globe
    There are a couple more listd, but there are no views showing when you select them, and they do not work, but the above all do work.

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