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    Lightbulb Russian GP

    Here's a thought.
    After next year, LeClerc gets so pissed off with Ferrari favoring Vettel that LeClerc goes to another team.....

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    I can see it now, LeClerc goes to Renault (cue patriotic fanfare! Well, he is almost 'French'), Ricciardo moves to Ferrari and gives Vettel a long overdue REALLY hard time.
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    Ferrari likes to have a former world champion. So suddenly I see an opportunity for Fernando Alonso .

    Charles Leclerc lives roughly 25 kilometres from the Italian border. You should expect he is used to the "Italian circumstances" inside the Scuderia Ferrari .

    In 2021 McLaren will switch to Mercedes engines. Do you think this will trigger some interesting driver moves? (for instance Ocon, Russell, etc.)


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    Leclerc and his manager (Son of former Ferrari boss Jean Todt) are pushing really hard to make Charles the #1 driver in the team, which is probably why Vettel keeps struggling with his car.
    Plenty of rumors about Vettel either retiring or switching back to Red Bull.

    As for Renault: I doubt they'll be in F1 after next season. The works team isn't doing too well, and their customer engines are the most expensive and unreliable on the grid which is why Mclaren are switching to the merc.
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