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    I have installed Talons (RIP) fantastic campaigns in one installation Solomons 43,Marianas,Leyte 1944 and AVG complete,all of them are functioning ok - BUT, flying in free flight, airfields are looking nice with runways,threes and buildings, but flying in campaign mode, I find my self on a flat green field without anything except some parked P-40 ties. I admit that I am an old fool re. handling this kind of problems.What can I possible have done wrong ????
    Killer Svend

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    You do'nt need to spend more time on this,I solved the problem my self.
    Killer Svend

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    Killer Svend,

    My apologies on not responding, I've been working and doing work for graduate school, so I haven't been posting much or responding to threads! No ignoring intended!

    How did you fix the problem? Were the airfields in the mission in the same location as they were in free flight?

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    RAMI,you do not need to appologice for anything,once upon a time,I was working myself and I do fully understand your situation.I solved the problem in a very un-professional way.I had capt.kurt's Marine fighting squadrons installed with beautiful sceneries, I took the planes,ships,missions and campaigns from Talons campaigns and put them in the MFG installation,-and voila I flew Talon's campaigns in beautiful sceneries.I do not understand, I have mutch more problems with Rhumba's sceneries than I have with Mask Riders.
    Killer Svend

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