CFS2 Gotha WD7 Wasserdoppeldecker 1915
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Thread: CFS2 Gotha WD7 Wasserdoppeldecker 1915

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    Icon22 CFS2 Gotha WD7 Wasserdoppeldecker 1915

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    Description: The first twin-engined seaplane to be built in quantity (8 units) by Gothaer Waggonfabrik A.G., 1915, powered by 6-cyl 120 hp Mercedes D.II engines. The WD-7 was used for marine reconnaissance, and later as trainer with a dummy torpedo, for the larger WD-11 and WD-14 torpedo bombers which operated in the North Sea and Baltic. The WD-7s were stationed at Zeebrugge from February to April or May 1916. The 400 lb dummy torpedo can be loaded and then dropped by pressing the spoiler key. Top speed was 85 mph (73 kt) without the dummy torpedo, and 79 mph (69 kt) with.

    Custom panel, with historical custom gauges mainly by Martin Klein.

    Textures by Udo Entenmann. Working water-touchdown sounds included.

    By Stephan Scholz.

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    Thank you Stephan Scholz. A very interesting A/C; should be fun.


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    Icon22 Reply...


    Very nice job, I am amazed at your willingness to really get into the "guts" of the CFS2 engine and take a stab at the water landing and takeoff sounds. Well done!

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    Great work Stephan,

    Another leap forward.

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    Thanks Aleatorylamp, one wonderfull seaplane to defend flanders coasts

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