Getting gauges working in VC
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Thread: Getting gauges working in VC

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    Getting gauges working in VC

    Hi all,

    Is there a possibility to make VC-gauges work in FS9 when they show up, maybe by making changes in the mdl.-file by using a HEX-editor?



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    Very unlikely. In a VC, gauge needles have to be modelled and animated in the model source file, so a non-moving needle might be only drawn on the texture.
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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Hertzie is correct. There IS a way to get the MDL to integrate a set of working gauges into the Virtual Cockpit.
    The easy way to confirm this is to observe the Microsoft Stock aircraft.
    Please note also that in the stock aircraft, there is a second set of gauge listings in the PANEL.CFG which describes the layout of the VCockpit arrangement.

    There were a set of instructions on how to do this but it does involve pulling the visual code generated from MDLDisAs and substituting it into a stock MDL file. This is done because the typical MDL being generated by something like Aircraft Factory 99 is really the MDL version for FS 98 and not CFS and hooks into different variables in the simulator.

    This is also why external loads and landing gear for AI aircraft, and propellers for AI aircraft do not work in AF99 models in CFS and why we have go through all the screwy SCASM editing just to get the Center of Reference correct (Shaking Cockpit) and to get the Padlock View to match the regular Cockpit View.

    I know I have seen this set of instructions but never actually tried it out because I really wasn't that interested and at the time, SCASM was a bit beyond what I understood. I have also never really been interested in spending the amount of effort required to fine tune the Virtual Cockpit.

    - Ivan.

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