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Description: LET L-410 UVP Series Widescreen 2D Panel for FSX by Paul Martin [JAFO]

This is one of a series of 5 slightly different 2D Widescreen Panel uploads derived from their existing Virtual Cockpit designs.

They include FG, UVP, EVPE, and UVPT. There is also a 5th called UVPT-Lith for the Lithuanian AF paint which has a 5th version of the 'Pilot's Manual' on the dashboard of the VC. In reality there are only 2 different layouts of the cockpits....the FG and the UVP/variations distinguished by the FG having a glass nose.

Designed at 2560x1440 to suit widescreen resolution. Requires the FSX Native LET L-410.


Kudos to the team who created this machine....All copyrights and restriction/s of distribution as per the Originators.

Original Credits: Pannon Wings Design Team.

3D model designer: Bence Benedek.

Textures: Tibor Kókai.

Gauges: Jiri Masnik (CVA Design).

FSX Native Compile process, texture and material enhancements, replacement gauges. . .Ulrich Esser (Bluebear).

VC retexturing. . .Ed Wells (Falcon409).

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