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    Icon2 NASCAR 'Twisted Sister'

    Note "today's" Mustang in there....
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    Has been the same for at least 20 years now...

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    NASCAR = National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

    But the cars in the NASCAR sanctioned races have not been stock cars nor anywhere nearing being or even looking like stock cars for a long time. NASCAR is a long way from its roots and getting further away, gets more expensive for teams and fans, yet the France family wonders why attendance continues to fall and tv viewership continues to drop. This weekend was a race weekend here in Richmond, VA. Richmond Raceway used to have 112,000 seats, but since 2008, they have been removing sections and are now down to 51,000 seats. Richmond Raceway, which used to sell all 112,000 seats and fans would still be outside looking to buy a ticket at scalper's prices, but it seems that now you can get tickets on race day.
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    Yep, been saying the same for years, people loved NASCAR back in the early thru mid 70's, but in the 80's seems they started down this path of getting far away from their roots, cars now are all the same except for the paint schemes, and as said, they wonder why attendance & TV ratings are dropping fast.

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    Yep, NASCAR has lost its way big time. Bring back the stock bodies so the look close to what you can buy at the dealership. Remember the old NASCAR saying, “win on Sunday, sell on Monday”. It doesn’t hold today.

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    I think you guys have missed 2 major factors.

    1) The inability to attract new fans. (Since the ones leaving and complaining are the 'old school' ones who remember how things 'used to be')

    2) Technology. (The advent of social media, fast and reliable internet, and DVR)

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    And, a couple of more for your viewing pleasure....
    On a more positive note, "twisted sister" is definitely less pronounced on today's cars - but it's still there....
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