Ya'll found them on Avsim already
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Thread: Ya'll found them on Avsim already

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    Wink Ya'll found them on Avsim already

    So I'm good. But just a heads-up..... this is a prelude to our Bristol Freighter, slated to appear later this year (really !!). Why the delays and what's happening with both Simon and me can be gleaned from my FSAddon 'blog posts'. http://fssupport.com/fsaddon/

    Hope to get the Bristol out sooner than later !!!!

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    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    CEO and Chief Gopher of FSAddon Publishing

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    The news about the Bristol Freighter is EXCELLENT news! Thanks, Francois...!


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    Thank you for the explanation and the aircraft. I was wondering why FSADDON was referenced in the download. Now I know. I'm definitely looking forward to the Bristol Freighter, like everyone else. You two stay well.

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    Hello Francois, glad to hear you are well. The Bristol Freighter news is VERY exciting. I just love the shape of this unique aircraft (really!). Maybe it's because I wonder how such a bulbous machine can fly . I have always been fascinated by this plane, since I first saw a picture of one sitting at Point Cook RAAF base years ago.
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    Thanks for checking in Francois.


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    Good to see you all...... just have been too bl**dy busy since I retired..... My advice; if you have a chance, keep on working !!
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    CEO and Chief Gopher of FSAddon Publishing

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