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Thread: Monza...

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    Lightbulb Monza...

    AWESOME drive by Leclerc!

    On a side note we've seen Vettel rattled by Ricciardo as well. Makes you wonder just how well Mark Webber would have done if he had not played the "good driver"...?

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    Completely against what is normal at Monza it was a very entertaining race.

    Funny thing that Lewis complained about the driving of Leclerc, both during the race and after the race. Lewis stated that Max Verstappen got a penalty last year for exactly the same thing as Leclerq did.

    I do agree with Lewis that its perhaps a bit odd, but on the other side I sure like the fact the stewards finally allow racing, which includes defending your position in my opinion.


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    Outstanding drive by Leclerc, quite 'old school' IMHO.
    Vettel should really think long and hard re giving up, perhaps becoming a parent has taken its toll?
    He really hasn't had much in the way of results or even a decent on track performance this year.
    Shame Max got himself into trouble at the start, his drive through the field was a good one.
    Nice to see both Renaults showing pace and reliability as well.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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