May I ask a favor please?
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Thread: May I ask a favor please?

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    May I ask a favor please?

    I have been trying to edit an AIR file and it keeps telling me access denied for some reason. So I was curious if someone could edit one for me by making the aircraft visible for me in the aircraft select menu. I can provide the AIR file, just need the edit made. Kindest regards, Jeremy

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    Have you tried using an airfile editor?
    The best freeware is AirEd, available here:

    Regards, Stuart

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    It might be that the (air) file is set "read only". You can check this by right clicking the file and check the properties.

    Depending the Windows version you use it could also be a Windows issue. When my memory of still correct Windows started to protect all files in the program and system folders against editing. As FS9 is normally installed in the program directory this might cause some problems. Easiest work around is to copy the file to the desktop, edit it and put it back and overwrite the original file. Widows will most probably tell you you need administrator rights to do this, but when you have these you can just click on OK.

    I hope this helps,

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    Are you sure it's the AIR file?

    If the AIR file came from an AI aircraft it's coded to not show up on the menu. The fix is to open the AIR file in AirEd and change the aircraft type from 2 to 1. Unless you can't open it in AirEd. That would be odd; I've never heard of such a thing. (Could it be a Windows thing, maybe a ,mater version of Windows preventing you from doing something that you normally ought to be able to do???) You should know if the file came from an AI plane. If it didn't, then...

    As far as I know, the only other way the AIR file would prevent an aircraft from showing up in the Select Aircraft menu is if the file name of the AIR file doesn't match the name listed in the sim= line of the aircraft.cfg file. So maybe you have a type in that line of the cfg file? Note that if the typo is in the UI section for the first variant on the list, that will prevent all of the following variants from showing up. If this is the problem, edit the UI sections of the cfg file to match the file name of the AIR file. In that case there will be no need to edit the AIR file.

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    Thanks everyone, I got it, it WAS read only.
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