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Description: No way I couldn't do this one after coming across it while looking for an airport to park my plane. My kids and grandkids grew up on a steady diet of Winnie the Pooh. Even now, grown with kids of their own they remember the songs and the movies and the stuffed animals.

May not be the real 100 Acre Woods, but it's close enough.

No readme enclosed. . .no need really, just drop it wherever you put your scenery and activate in the scenery library. This is a private airport, claims to have a 1914' runway but that's suspect. Located in Spring City, Tn., on the Watts Bar Lake. No night textures or seasonal textures, no lights of any kind. NavAir says landings are done using Rwy 14 and takeoffs on Runway 32. I gave the LET-410_UVP a try. . .full flaps, full power and I was off halfway down the runway. . .tried the Cessna 172 with flaps and barely made it over the trees along the lake, lol

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